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Dressing up for work OR function can become a difficult task for men and women these days both because there is a constant need for comfortable dressing during working hours and because they wish to present a modern and professional look.

A correct wardrobe affects more than fifty per cent (50%) of your career, especially in business where you meet many clients and deals with different people.

Success, the "art of business" , is a look as well as a mind-set. Coupled with skills, talents and business savvy, you want to present a complete package. You have become a "BRAND".

Have you ever noticed how certain men and women seem to look so great all the time? Teresa Chew, the Image Strategist who is well traveled and who has vast experience of cross cultural experiences has helped thousands of men and women develop their own personal style . Now, this is the chance for you to understand your personal characteristics, likes and dislikes, fashion interests and clothing needs.

We shall help you discover the colours that enhance your natural look, learn how to wear them and the combinations that work for you. We develop a unique look that works with your lifestyle by understanding your physical challenges, characteristics and bodyline.

Quotes specially for Women By Famous Stylist and Designer

"Dressing Well Is Like Living Well" By Liz Claiborne

"Fashion in other sense of the words is about love & life and chic is about making something out of very little." By Coco Chanel

A specially designed Image Consulting services By TeresaChew known as "How to dress like a million" helps you not only to create a timeless, stylish look but it also shows you how to do it with less time, money, and effort than you ever possible. We have found the secret to great individual style through questionnaire. We merely need your answers to do your analysis and send you your PERSONAL IMAGE PROFILE.

Private, personalized consulting and coaching services are available by appointment .

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Personal Image Consulting through Questionnaire
Fashion changes, but your personal style still reflects you.

Teresa Chew helps to select clothes that complement your body shape and reflect your individual style. Understanding your personal style assures confidence and project elegance with an attitude...
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Strategic Plan

We have written business and strategic plans for various industries. Teresa Chew has a quest for business wisdom with 15 years of experience and a rare conceptual ability to improve businesses....
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