Booth A. Personal Image Consulting by Direct Mail

Personal Image Profile through Questionnaire
Within Malaysia - RM888.00 (USD233.00)
Outside Malaysia - USD248.00

Fashion changes, but your personal style still reflects you.

Teresa Chew helps to select clothes that complement your body shape and reflect your individual style. Understanding your personal style assures confidence and project elegance with an attitude.

Send your completed questionnaire, photograph and payment for RM888.00 or USD233.00 (crossed and payable to "Teresa Style & Philosophy") and send to address stated below:

You will received your Personal Image Profile which contain:
  • An analysis of your body line
  • Silhouttes and details selected for face shape and figure to make you look your best
  • Solutions for your figure concerns
  • Hairstyle and eyewear frame suggestions
  • A colour analysis based on your physical characteristics as described in your application and your personal preferences
  • Make up colour recommendations
  • A colour card selected specially for you, showing your most flattering colours.
Booth A1. Products Available

Colour Swatch by season (winter/summer/spring/autumn)
RM299.99 (USD78.88) per Swatch
Colour Fan by season (winter/summer/spring/autumn)
RM299.99 (USD78.88) per Fan

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Booth B. We have written business and strategic plans for various industries. Teresa Chew has a quest for business wisdom with 15 years of experience and a rare conceptual ability to improve businesses.

A Business plan /Strategic Plan (approx. 20-25 pages) With cash flow projections
(can be used for presentation to potential investors or re-focusing of re-positioning of your existing business)

3 category of business segment
  • New Start-Ups
  • Local Companies
  • Multinational
For further enquiries, please send email to : or fax to the following address:

To: Ms TeresaChew
Teresa Chew International (M) Sdn Bhd
B-10-4, Megan Avenue 1,
189, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (6 03) 2031 6606
Fax: (6 03) 2031 8606